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How to Ensure Car Safety during Towing?

It’s a risky job to transport a vehicle from one place to another. The concern of potential damage has always been a top concern for car owners. A variety of factors, such as improper positioning of a hook, road debris etc. can leave scratches, cause bumper damage or even lead to transmission or wheel damage. This is why it is important to take the relevant measures for ensuring your car stays safe during transit.

A Reliable Ottawa Towing Service – Southway Towing

If you’re looking for a reputable Ottawa based towing company, you can place your trust in Southway Towing. This is a fully-insured, licensed and reliable company that specializes in providing emergency towing, car locksmith, flat tire repair and battery jumpstart services. Southway Towing is familiar with how distressing, dangerous it is to be stranded on the road, which is why they make sure their Ottawa towing service has all the necessary equipment to handle all types of vehicles.

Their well-trained staff is known for handling any given situation professionally, whether it is a simple flat tire or something as serious as a car crash. The biggest benefit of using a skilled towing company like Southway Towing is that their truck drivers use the safest methods possible for transporting a range of drives types and transmissions. So, follow through on the following tips to prevent any damage to your car while towing:

  • Prepare Your Vehicle For Towing

It is foremost important to contact professionals for towing your car, as they have a streamlined process in place for offering you complete convenience. There are several steps you can take for protecting your car, which are inclusive of removing any valuables from your car, taking a quick scan around your car to identify any existing damage and also checking for any leaks. Other than this, take it upon yourself to ask the driver where your vehicle is being taken, how long will it take to reach the destination and make sure all windows and doors are locked safely. It is also equally vital that you follow your tow truck driver’s instructions, such as not leaving your parking brakes on or putting your car in neutral.

  • Ask For A Flatbed Tow Truck

If you don’t wish to risk damaging your car, request for a flatbed tow truck. Flatbed tow trucks have no sides or roof surrounding their bed, have a larger surface area and tend to facilitate a smoother experience when it comes unloading or loading vehicles. This ease of loading helps save time and supports operational efficiency, something which is necessary in emergency situations.

Also, the sizeable storage space of a flatbed allows you to fit as much cargo as required, leading to less time spent on hauling cargo back and forth. Even though it is more expensive than a wheel lift tow truck, a flatbed tow truck ensures the transmission or axle of your vehicle sustains no damage. However, no matter what type of towing truck you choose, it all eventually comes down to the experience, training and skill of the tow truck service.

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