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Professional Car Jump Start Service by SouthWay Towing

Sometimes you can experience a drained vehicle battery for numerous reasons, which might leave you stranded. For instance, cold weather or leaving your headlights on overnight can drain your battery. A drained battery can interrupt your plans and stop you from using your vehicle unless you get a jump start service.

Whether you at home, party, or in the middle of the road, SouthWay Towing can provide you quick jump start service. Our team of professionals can jump-start your vehicle battery, so your life goes on smoothly. Having a dead vehicle with no assistance can be a dangerous situation for you and others travelling with you. Fortunately, we have a reputation for quick service delivery in Ottawa.

We'll Be in Touch

Emergency Jump Start Car Service Near Me

Imagine stranding on an empty with no one around you to help jump start your car – scary. Despite having jump cables with you, there would be no one to help you. In such situations, contacting a professional jump start service is the safest option.

Vehicles are now equipped with sophisticated electronic systems, which is why jump-starting without professional assistance can be dangerous. Our team of highly-trained professionals is equipped with special protectors to jump-start your car without causing damages.

Whether your battery isn’t charging or completely worn out, our reliable technicians can reach to you in no time.

24-Hour Jump Start Service

Our technicians are available to jump-start your car anytime and anywhere, so you can live your life worry-free. Even if there are other cars around, you might be missing jump start cables or unable to find someone reliable. Calling a professional to come to your rescue is the safest solution. We are just one click away.

Once you get in touch with our customer support, our team of technicians will promptly come to your rescue.


Value Added Jump Start Service by SouthWay Towing

We are always striving to provide satisfactory services to our customers. Our team of professionals are highly trained so that you can benefit from nothing but best. Here is why you should rely on our jump start service.

Customer Support

We are always available to help our customers with any car trouble. Whether you require jump-start, refuelling, and car unlock services, we are here to help. At SouthWay Towing, customers come first.

Professional Response

Our team of technicians is trained and qualified to help you jump start your car without causing any damage.
We have a reputation for providing the best and most reliable automotive services in Ottawa.


You can contact us for a jump start service regardless of the vehicle you are driving. We can assist you even if your car is parked in a basement, in front of a wall, or the middle of nowhere. For us, there is no such thing as unreachable.

Other Services Included

Apart from the jump-start service, we also fix flats, offer towing, winching, locksmith, and fuel refilling services. We can be your one-stop automotive solution at any time of the day.

Satisfactory Jump Start Services by SouthWay Towing

Each one of our technicians is adequately trained to provide high-quality jump start experience to our clients. Our team is qualified enough to handle a low-battery situation with efficiency, promptness, and care. Typical arrival time is 15 to 30 minutes—however, external factors such as the availability of the team or traffic on the roads can come into play. We try our best to assist our clients as quickly as possible so that they can continue with their lives. The next time you need assistance with jump-starting your vehicle, allow us to provide professional service.

Get in Touch

Having trouble unlocking your car door? SouthWay Towing has you covered. We are a team of highly trained technician that can help you with any car trouble. Contact us, and our professionals will be ready to help.

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