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Your One-Stop Ottawa Tire Repair Shop

Have you hit a pothole and are now stuck with a flat tire? Having a flat tire can leave you with two sign worries: the repair of the tire, and the thought of replacing it. A flat doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to replace it instantly. Sometimes, an easy fix can make your tire live a long and useful life. Our experienced flat tire service ensures that you can keep your tires as long as possible.

Flat Tire Service by SouthWay Towing

Suppose you are wondering “how can I find the best flat tire service near me,” you have come to the right place. SouthWay Towing delivers instant and continuous flat tire repair in Ottawa and Gatineau. With our quick diagnosis, we can recommend the right course of action.

Our experienced staff and the latest repair techniques can ensure that you experience a safe and smooth ride.

Looking for a 24-Hour Tire Repair in Ottawa?

Whether you are at your home or on the road, you can reach out to us for help. We are always available to help our customers with quick flat repair services. We offer high-quality repair solutions, both plugs and patches. When the question is about your safety, we never cut corners.


Causes of Flat Tires

When it comes to flat tires, several things can cause either a rapid leak or a slow leak. Once your tire starts to leak, you can contact our tire repair experts for instant help.

Rapid Leak

A rapid leak occurs when the tire gets punctured by nails, potholes, or other sharp objects. These objects can create holes that require an urgent fix.

Slow Leak

A slow leak in the tire can be caused due to two main reasons: bead leak or sidewall damage.

A bead leak occurs where the rubber contacts the wheel. This type of leak can be caused due to debris or corrosion on the wheel.

Constantly scraping and bumping into the curb can cause sidewall damage. The bumping can cause your tire to lose air. Majority of times, these leaks are invisible from the outside.

How Far Can You Drive with a Flat Tire?

If you are experiencing a flat tire, the best practice is to drive slowly to cover short distances. However, driving with a flat can cause some damage to the tire, which is not something you would want. It can cause the rim to shred your tire from the inside, compromising its quality.

Driving with a flat should be your last resort, used in situations where no help is available. SouthWay Towing provides emergency tire repair service 24/7, so you are never stuck. We ensure that your tire is safely repaired based on the Canadian industry standards. Our experts are highly-trained and equipped with the right tools to fix flat tires.

Instant Tire Change

Any sharp object can cause your tires to puncture, which can put you and your loved ones in danger. You might have passed over a nail, stone, glass, or any other sharp object on the road. Driving with a flat tire can put your and others lives at risk. If you experience a flat tire, you can contact us for a mobile tire change or an emergency flat fix.

Best Flat Tire Repair Near Me

Our team of specialists is here to help you keep your vehicle running at all times. We are highly experienced and use advanced equipment to ensure that your flats are completely repaired the first time around.

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